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Laboratory Accreditation

National Testing and Inspection Center for Radio and TV Products (hereinafter referred as TIRT), established in 1983, located in No.7B Jiuxianqiao Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, is a testing organization of national level holding a third party impartiality position. As one of the first group of testing and inspection organizations notified by the state for safety and EMC certification testing of electronic products, it is also recognized as

◆in 1983, Testing and Inspection Center for Products Quality Supervision of Radio and TV Industry of former Ministry of Electronic Industry

◆in 1987, National Testing and Inspection Center for Radio and TV Products by CSBTS

◆in 1987, Testing and Inspection Station for Radio and TV Products by CCEE (China Commission for Conformity Certification of Electrical Equipment)

◆in 1987, Accredited by SACI (State Administration of Import and Export Commodity Inspection) as Testing Laboratory for Radio and TV Products , in 1998, as Safety Laboratory of Electrical and Electronic Products and EMC Laboratory of Electrical and Electronic Products

◆in 1990, CB testing laboratory which can independently issue CB reports of electronic products by IECEE (Safety certification organization of International Electro-Technical Committee for Electrical and Electronic Products)

◆the first Laboratory of Electronic Products for Household Appliances of China Consumer Association

◆one of national verification and inspection centers for science and technology achievements

◆in 1994, a member of the TPTDP by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)

◆in 1999, laboratory accredited by FCC of U.S.

◆laboratory accredited by SGS United Kingdom, NEMKO (Norway) and CEBEC (Belgium)

◆contract Laboratory of TüV Rheinland

◆in 2000, National Digital TV Customer Terminal Products Testing Lab


Laboratory facilities

  Total working area of TIRT is about 4,000 m2. Fixed assets: 150 million. It occupies 800 sets of testing instruments and equipment, 8 large shielding rooms, one 3- meter semi-anechoic chamber, two anechoic rooms, one 10-meter open site (including 3-meter).


Business Scope

  Compulsory products certification, safety certification, EMC certification, quality system certification, electronic products performance testing, instruments and equipment calibration, standards formulation, etc. Entrusted inspection and testing of production license, market supervision spot-check and others.

  TIRT can carry out EMC, safety, environment adaptability, reliability and electrical performances testing separately according to related requirements of series standards of GB, IEC, UL, EN, CISPR for following products and appliances:

· Audio, video equipment, electronic-acoustic equipment, electronic components, electronic entertainment equipment

· Information technology equipment, Digital technology equipment

· Luminaries, electronic toys

· Electrical and electronic equipment for household appliances, electromotive tools

· Electronic measurement instruments

· CATV equipment and accessories

· Financial electronic equipment

· Electronic medical treatment equipment

· Language learning systems.


International cooperation

Because TIRT has kept close and wide relationship with foreign testing, inspection and certification organizations, it can provide following services for the clients as agent:

CB certificates:

CE Marking:

Nemko Mark:


GS Mark:

TüV Mark:

UL Mark :

FCC Mark

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